Welcome to Annex E for GNAT

This Project is dedicated to provide an up to date Annex E interface for the current GNAT, which for some unknown reason is called GLADE and has nothing to do with the interface builder of the same name or any of the hundreds of people with the same last name.

How to get GLADE

GLADE works very closely with the compiler and a single GLADE compile is only guaranteed to work with the compiler it was created with.

Get a Compiler

First, if you have not compiled you own compiler yet, you should do so. Read the instructions.


Best is to download GLADE from cvs Archive. See https://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=105524 how to do that.

Compile GLADE

In order to create a working GLADE. you have to copy some of the files from the original compiler sources to the ./gnat directory within GLADE. You need to set GNATSRC to the gnat sources and then use make gnat to copy.

After that just say make install. The GLADE library will be installed to /opt/ada/install/asis and the GLADE tools to /opt/ada/bin.

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